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Why Hand Puppets for Kids are Beneficial?

It has been tough on parents with schools being closed. Sometimes, it feels like we parents are running around like a headless chicken trying to juggle all our responsibilities and keeping our kids entertained at the same time. Has it been the same for you?

Keeping this in mind, I started the search for activities that would keep my children occupied and at the same time, encourage them to use their imagination.  I came across some hand puppets for kids.  It brought back childhood memories of when I used to watch Sesame Street and I decided to introduce my children to the joy and fun of hand puppets!

I preferred choosing animal hand puppets for kids so that we could learn about the animal together as well. As soon as the hand puppets arrived, the children got busy playing. They created and recreated stories through their imagination and used multiple characters to build up their stories. They ran after each other with the hand puppets intact on their arm, getting the much-needed physical exercise. Playing with hand puppets requires a good amount of physical activity. The arm in which the kids wear gets physically tested as they constantly move. It also encouraged them to play together nicely and learn to share.

I gave them the task to prepare a small presentation about their animal hand puppet so the kids could learn more about that animal to create a storyline and present it to us. With hand puppets, they get an opportunity to have support of a character right next to them, which boost their confidence and make them feel that they are not alone. As they perform or tell stories in front of people, it boosts their confidence and improves their reading and speaking.

All in all, I realized that a small toy can have so many benefits. It can:

-Stimulate their imagination

-Be physically active

-Boost their confidence

-Learn etiquettes

-Improves motor skills


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