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Kids I’m A Genius Science 1st Class Chemistry Lisciani

Are you a chemist of the highest grades! Find out with this laboratory specifically designed to let you carry out as many as 50 fun, instructive and super-safe experiments! In the box you find everything you need: Four reagents for preparing mixtures, test tubes, measuring cups and many other tools! You will find special cards with the experiments on them and the “Diary of a Chemist”: a real diary where you can write down your experience. It improves a kid education values such as perception and Psychomotor skills, Affectivity and Personality, Language and Communication, Mathematics and Logic, Memory and Attention, Space and Time, Expressiveness and Creativity, Science and the World around us



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Kids I’m A Genius Science 1st Class Chemistry Lisciani
Brand: Lisciani
Age: 8-12 Years
Containing: Calcium hydroxide, Sodium carbonate, Tartaric acid, Sodium thiosulfate, Plastic test tube rack, Test tubes, Measuring cup, pasteur droppet, Tweezers, Scoop, Colored cups, Gloves and googles, Diary of a chemist, Funnel, Special Cards, Periodic tables of the elements
Created by: Lisciani Center for Training and Research
Texts and Illustrations: Daniela Alvisi

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Dimensions 39 × 8 × 29 cm


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