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Prophets 22 Stores in English and Urdu

Teach your kids the stories of prophets with 22 books set.



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Prophets 22 Stores in English and Urdu
Age: 6+ Years
Publisher: Children Publications
Number of Books: 22
Number of pages per book: 10
With pictures
In English and Urdu both
Per Book measurement: 22L x 14H cm approx
Questions and answers at the back of the book
Hazrat Noah A.S (Tufaan aur Kashti) x 1
Hazrat Yousuf A.S (Ghulami sey Hukumrani Tak) x 1
Hazrat Zakariyah A.S (Kushkhabri) x 1
Cain and Abel (Phela Qatal) x 1
Hazrat Essa A.S (Saachi Gawahi) x 1
Hazrat Shuaib A.S (Nafarmaan Qaum) x 1
Hazrat Moosa A.S (Firoon ka Anjaam) x 1
Hazrat Adam A.S (Pehla Insaan) x 1
Hazrat Ismail A.S (Bemisaal Qurbani) x 1
Hazrat Moosa A.S (Qaroon ka Khazaana) x 1
Hazrat Yaqub A.S (Betay ki Judai) x 1
Hazrat Hud A.S (Batreen Qahat) x 1
Companions of the Cave (Allah Kay Naik Bandey) X 1
Hazrat Dawood A.S (Taloot Badsha) x 1
Hazrat Ayub A.S (Bareeazmahish) x 1
Hazrat Sulaiman A.S(Malka Saba ka Tahat) x 1
Hazrat Yahya A.S (Beti Ki Khawish) x 1
Hazrat Ibrahim A.S (Thandi Aag) x 1
Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W (Nabi Akhar ul Zamaan) x 1
Hazrat Salih A.S (Unthani aur Qafaar) x 1
Hazrat Lut A.S ( Qaum Sadoomi ki Saza) x 1
Hazrat Younus A.S (Machli kay Pat Mein) x 1

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Dimensions 22.5 × 14 × 3 cm


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